Vulnerability | Portraits with Meggie

The room crooning as she filled it with her presence.

I met Meggie one night while I was serving tables late last year. The phrase above rang true, even in a crowded and loud bar in Eastern Iowa.

I knew of her through our mutual friend, Molly.

When we first met at the bar, I sheepishly asked if I could take her portraits sometime. Nothing came about then but, I read a few of her pieces on various sites and was blown away.  

(You can check out some of her work here.)

I definitely hope to work with her in the future on bringing her words to the screen or at least, supplementing them with visuals. 


Meggie and I stopped about midway through the session and without prompt, sat down, and began discussing a mix of what made us feel vulnerable, sad, and happy to the point of tears. It was a bit sobering to have someone be so willing to be open, (even if it was for the goal of getting a more personal portrait). 

Surprisingly, I wasn't weighted down at all afterwards, I managed to feel better after listening to her. If you have the time, especially with someone new, soak up as much of that new person as you can.

this is probably obvious to normal human beings, but apparently I don't understand basic communication skills or the idea of, "Getting to Know Someone."

Learn about their passions and what they think they're not so great for or good at. See the opposite because they're probably wrong, but keep your loud mouth shut and just listen. 

With this new meaning, with all this subtext, taking a portrait can now open up an entirely new world in how you'd like to show everyone else what you see in this person.  I hope you see a bit of that in these portraits of Meggie.


Check out Meggie's writing and other work here

You can see the kit I used for most of these portraits here