Summer Home

Lately, I've been trying to take my camera more places and actually shoot with it.  What to do with the files and photos after becomes a stressful and tedious task, but I think it's helped me document and encapsulate memories in a more meaningful way.  Whether  I'm shooting digital or film, I've wanted to document small moments more often and with more purpose.  Maybe I'll post them to my Instagram Story, send them to friends that are in them, or create something like this.  A small culmination of the past month or so of my favorite images.


Logan & Amie

 Why Portraits?

I like the memories, though sometimes they're a bit weighed with sadness or missing a time.  That moment was how it was and nothing can really take that bit away.  So I'll keep taking portraits and attempting to show people how I see them.

A backyard in Iowa City and hammocking the afternoon away.

Wednesday mornings are for breakfast club at Lightworks.

and the nights are for getting my settlement pillaged and burned.

An Evening In Uptown Marion

There's so many others I could share, but just as it's good to share more of the work I'm creating, it's also good to keep some for myself.  (it would also require me to scan a stack of film and instant shots that are beginning to topple so. . .)  

Even if you're a pro, bring your camera, use it as often and as many ways as you possibly can to discover new things.  Mastering your craft isn't just shooting the same style or subjects all the time.  Break out a flash, dabble in areas you've never gone, but most of all, just keep creating. The more comfortable you are with your equipment, the more it becomes an extension of you. Work becomes more exciting and enticing when you've got new things hidden up your sleeve that a client has never seen.

I hope your summer was well.

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