Expired Film at Hinterland Music Festival

I bought my weekend pass last minute, mostly in hopes of snagging a last minute photo pass so that I could do my usual camaraderie with the rest of the immensely talented photographers and artists that usually shoot the scene.  Alas, my classic procrastination lead to a choice.  Either risk it for the biscuit and just take my digital camera or follow the strict guidelines and only bring a point and shoot.  

I chose the latter with a slight twist and brought my trusty Nikon FG with a longer 105mm f/2.5 lens as well as the lovely Sony RX100M4.  (although interchangeable lenses weren't allowed, shhhh!)  

I brought three rolls of film, two expired rolls that I found in my sister's old camera bag as well as a gifted roll of Cinestill 800T from DJ Freesmeier.  I chose to focus on mainly portraits with the Nikon and shot a little bit of video on my RX100M4 with my newly acquired Zhyiun Crane V2.  I always manage to shoot video and do nothing with it so, I forced myself to cut together a short 45-second clip for my Instagram Story.  

It was nice to test out making something externally for Instagram Stories as a way to promote future films and releases that I'm working on but, I also exported it in it's full grandeur for your viewing pleasure.  I wish I would've committed to filming more but I hope next year I'll go in with more of a plan for possible interviews and moments from the festival goers.  


Luckily enough, with no problems at the gate I was able to bring in all the gear I had on me and shoot away.  I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the festival.  Exposing 10+ years expired film, especially cheap Kodak 200 and Fuji Superia XTRA 800, was going to be a challenge but I was pleased with the results!  For me, it reiterates that I definitely don't need to lean on my expensive Sony to be able to capture a weekend.  These were all developed by a local lab and self-scanned on the Pakon F-135+.

Shakey Graves on Expired Fuji Superia XTRA 800

Shakey Graves on Expired Fuji Superia XTRA 800

I haven't had a ton of experience shooting Cinestill's modified cinema stock film so I'm a bit iffy on if I'm exposing it correctly but, I dug the results I got from it and I'm really pleased with the live photos I managed to snag of Alt-J's beautiful lighting design and stage production.  It's an expensive film but well worth it for lighting situations like these. I also attempted some portraits with it and although there's a bit of color cast in the skin tones, I love how smooth it renders when exposing at around 500 iso.  Also, call me a weird hipster, but I love the strange red highlight halation that's present in most of these.  It's something completely unique to the stock and could lend to a completely calculated style/series.

Hope you've dug my little adventure into diving more head first into shooting portraits at a music festival.  Shooting expired film can be risky business but can yield a bit of that timeless look that you're trying to evoke.  On my last roll (with only a few frames left)  I was roaming around and saw these wonders (below) close to each other, caressing and kissing.  As I framed up the shot and pulled focus, she looked up and saw me right as I clicked the shutter.  Absolute magic and one of my favorite natural shots I've ever taken. 



If you have any questions, or are interested in some of the gear I used for the video and photos please let me know and I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction!

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