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Personal storytelling through filmmaking & photography

I've loved telling stories since I was young; performing for my parents' HI-8 camcorder, being the class joker in school, and belting across stages performing theatre in college.  I just happened to already be taking hours of footage on a point and shoot camera and eventually, portraits of people I cared about.  After graduating college, I worked at a Best Buy and convinced myself to buy a shelf-display camera.  I dove headfirst into the world of documenting the special things that were happening right in front of me.  I'm a self taught, traveling filmmaker & photographer, ready to tell my story and the stories of others.  Moments that envelop an audience in every emotion being felt. From personal stories of love, loss, and acceptance to travel documentaries and commercial films.  I intend on continuing to capture people through my eyes for as long as I can.  I'd love the opportunity to be a part of your next project or have you join me on mine, so feel free to reach out below I'd love to grab a coffee.


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